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Petrol Perfume

Gt-03 Sport Fever Perfume Body Spray - 200 Ml

Gt-03 Sport Fever Perfume Body Spray - 200 Ml

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Gt-03 Sport Fever Is an Extremely Fresh and Multifaceted Fragrance. the Fresh Top Note Is Blended Perfectly with A Woody Musk Body Resulting in Outstanding Longevity. These Products Represent English Originality, Forthrightness and The Passion to Stand Ahead of The Rest of The Pack. It Appeals to The Masculinity and Desire for Success Inherent in Men Who Quickly Climb the Ladders of Professional and Personal Success.



Length: 23 cm
Width: 7 cm
Height: 8 cm

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What are Fragnance Notes?

Fragrance notes are essentially the ingredients used in a perfume. These ingredients are layered into three notes, Top, Heart and Base notes. These notes blend to create a scent, where the top note hits your olfactory senses first, then the heart note and the base note is the one that lingers for a longer period of time on your skin.

Are Petrol Perfumes long-lasting?

Yes. Designed for every skin type, our perfumes offer a range of long lasting
perfumes that are formulated to withstand various weather conditions.

Can Perfumes Expire?

Yes, but there is no set expiration date as such. It also depends on the way the
perfume is stored and how long it lasts depends on the chemical composition of the